The Sneaker Chop Jordan True Blue 3 Real Vs. Fake

The Sneaker Chop Jordan True Blue 3 Real Vs. Fake

sneak good there’s new good yeah all right guys before we get started with today’s video if we can hit 400 likes on this video we’ll do some adidas ultra boost next so make sure to hit that like button and let’s get on with the show what’s up YouTube welcome to another episode of dusty guitar where it’s getting any type of footwear I mean any type of footwear I’ll chop that in half and let you guys see the guts you guys know what the you guys are buying and you guys know how they were made so with that being said let’s see what we got a chopping block today shall we alright guys in today’s episode of sneaker shop.

we’re gonna get into a pair of Nike Air Jordan 3’s these are replicas I have chopped up some authentic ones so I will be comparing them to each other but these are fake these are I’m not dogging anybody there were steak if you guys want to wear fakes do whatever you want with your with your life but we are gonna compare them so you guys know the difference between them all right so let’s take a look at these take a look at these first of all these are pretty fake like they don’t even have like on on the elephant print it’s not even engraved or anything and you can see the back tab whoa look at this thing this thing doesn’t even bend down wow it’s just a hard piece of plastic that just stays it alright take a look at them right at that tongue look at the insides and you have an air unit though that’s pretty crazy as they went that far more of course I got 490 because it’s visible so the we’re gonna see how that looks when see we’re going to compare them to the real ones so yeah check them out check them out check out the bottom things are filthy but anyways let’s get down to business I don’t got no time to around wood is this first ,cheap jordan 11,we gotta start by cutting off these laces so let’s do that and he says are suck I need my black man when I moved I don’t know where they went but it when I’m still in the process of moving so oh yeah we go your fake shoelace we’re not fake but you know I mean from your replica pair of Jordans but you get a flat white lace pretty thin but yeah alright guys in today’s episode we get into a pair of Air Jordan 3 true blues replicas but we will be comparing them to real ones so let’s check them out check them out alright check out this side first check out that tongue you get like a kind of like a double padding right there with your replica that leather I don’t even think it’s leather right here though feels like I don’t know leather mama you call this stuff but it’s just yeah it’s not even leather look at that here’s just I guess it’s just cotton inside I don’t know what that is look it it’s like rough stuff like I don’t even know what I like plastic it’s probably by now.

I think the I think this vinyl yeah that’s what they call it yeah it’s just vinyl alright check out the toe box I mean there are higher great things out there but this is just your basic fake so you guys I can try to get another ones to look I think this is good enough I check out that toe box pretty thick whatever that is I think it’s by no again,jordan 11 china, I don’t think that’s leather the elephant is off by a lot though you can tell right away by that by the elephant print eyes check out that backbone like a solid piece of plastic back there there’s that plastic tab man this is made it all solid through no wonder you can’t bend this look at this cup thick they made it up here this is a tab where you’re supposed to be able to bend it but they made it as thick as the backbone goddamn were they thinking they’re all right closer you subgiant piece of chunk of plastic ankle padding quit decent let backbone what’s backbone you get check that check out the insult your basic insult I don’t know why they made it white but maybe it was white now I mean should be blue probably ting has a does have a bungee it’s pretty skinny though look at that bungee make a stand up get you get big all right check out that mid so now scrapers been waiting for look how hollow this thing is man you can even Bend through here you can ply pop a hole through this one right here look how small the air unit is and that plastic that plastic they use right there for it sturdy as – you can’t even grab that much well hey with me step on it with your weight it’s way easier so yeah but that’s close it they actually made a kind of hollow here so it’s kind of they at least try to make them punter boy I guess I just check out that four foot look at that they just made a bunch of hollow they just hollowed it out pretty much just hollowed it out and I don’t know if that actually I probably didn’t give you some kind of comfort I’m not sure but it is hollowed out pretty much throughout the forefoot little air unit back here and then they hollowed it out in the back here too they just gave you enough so you can see the air Bowl that does have an air below but as soon as it goes away they chop that hey stop that already you’re like that when I spend more money making it bigger since they are fake that out so all right put this back so it is dope yeah push this trigger boom this add backbone ankle padding tongue he’s a big tag toe box and so mid so oh look at that man sinks in there cuz it’s hollow crazy bit so four foot like that – out so and yeah all right let’s compare them to the real ones now this is the fake and here is the OH original I mean with the real one the real ones this one right here is the real the real side I cut this probably like maybe like seven months ago.

I only keep the Jordans that I chopped in half pretty much it or some of the other ones too but I just keep them in the garage sometimes just two just in case I want to compare to fakes like this so here we go first I’ll give you a side-by-side view and then I’ll tell you the differences all right fake real fake real alright start out with the air unit or the start off with the backbone cooking all right the backbones the fakes oh man this tap kind of broke off but yeah I will play there was way way you know still have okay you can see it on this one please the other side to the real one see how you can actually bend this it’s actually flexible on this one it’s not flexible it’s just a plastic shank it’s in the back of it so that’s pretty much well trying to show you all right let’s check out the ankle padding on the real nicely done up here on the fakes it’s a little longer,cheap jordan shoes, I guess you just added an extra layer something on here or no it is connected it was a pretty bigger piece of foam right there though back bones this is just dirty as this is gives you some kind of thinking wiggle around and so you can actually move your ankles a bit this thing is just going to probably be uncomfortable I’ll check out that tongue on the face boom what you get on the reals you get one solid piece of foam and yeah here’s a leather it’s still not as crazy it’s still better than this position and this pair of real ones that I’m showing you is from 2001 to the 2001 pair 2001 release alright check out that toe box this is the fake is the real this is actually like some pretty decent leather nation can actually see the fibers of those other pretty soft tell you that this I don’t know buying or some I don’t it up alright insoles and so actually pretty flimsy free thin sexy well they actually feel this is different to feels like more springy like it bounces back it’s a bit thinner to put this stuff like molds is like memory foam it doesn’t spring back is more like memory foam but it’s a bit thicker too so on the real you get that stuff the spring back pretty spring spring back and on the fix you get that memory stuff all right for the mid so now on the fakes you guys already saw that on the real you actually get a whole air unit in the back that’s how the real air unit looks step off from this side and it has four so the air unit is a lot bigger compared to your fakes which is just three little circles right here this thing that’s pretty stiff too then your forefoot this is your fake we already saw the fakes all Hollow it’s all hollowed out in four foot on your wheels it has another air bag up here in front up in the forefoot these are from 2001 guys wanna see the tag there you go but yeah that’s what you get with the mid soles real on top fake on bottom real fake yeah I was gonna do it for today’s episode of the sneaker shop true blues are about to come out again so if you guys wanted with a Nike in the back go out there and get you some oh yeah all right guys is gonna do it for the episode of this be good cha if you guys wanna see the original video where I chop up the threes and compare to great schools authentic men’s to grade school I’ll leave a link down down on description below so you guys can check out that video but anyways comment down below subscribe give me that thumbs up and please share my if you dig my videos and with all that being said I do donations here and there when I can if you guys like to help out there’ll be a link down below alright guys peace till next time I’m up yes

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