The Rarest Sample Jordan Collection Ever

The Rarest Sample Jordan Collection Ever

you two what’s going on everybody thank you for checking out this video if you aren’t already subscribed hit that subscribe button give this video a thumbs up today we’re kicking it with my boy Shelby you guys might know more I G as authentic soul kicks in this video we’re giving you an exclusive inside look at the rarest Jordan sample collection that you’ve ever seen for those of you that don’t know you want to give a quick little intro to who you are where you’re from how long you been doing this from Florida you look for 10 years now letting the most exclusive joy as I can 10 years that’s a long time render ,cheap jordan shoes,I do what um what was the first sample that got you into this whole game well I was looking for a pair of undefeated for samples and I couldn’t find a why the time in my side so I found a ballistic sample I found if heard just a little bit above what I was trying to pay for these sarcasm what up how many of those ballistic samples are there because I I’ve only seen you with yeah there’s always four pairs in the world so far and uh there’s a dark green sample there’s a regular sample and you have all three of them right I got all three of them now so we have the three shoes here right now I mean there’s a little bit of a difference that I see obviously the midsole on you know the release pair all cream you know the other two samples is you know a black upper and a cream bottom the ballistic material that’s the same as what pretty much came out on like the Olive five right a very much similar and then and then this dark green has got a smooth buttery feel and very much way too darker in color than is the released player so there’s definitely a big difference in all these samples now to change tried saying that this is the most expensive air Jordan out there he went shopping on complex didn’t buy this for 25 K we all know in the industry that we can get these for half that price right easily easily now let’s just touch base on what the most expensive Jordan is in your collection well I usually have to say the blue laser for similar to the amends we’ve got a more laser effects which edged in there I’ve only two pairs of these now besides and I was more raised so 10 half tears like more edging to prepare now what do they go they double that the undefeated for sure right will the double price almost safe price but they double the price even this is just a much more rare should have only four pair of these samples each one I don’t I mean I’ve never seen them in person another they’re much they’re beautiful shoe to have very beautiful side hold please cuz this shoe is definitely crazy I’ve been going to sneaker cons for the last four or five years I’ve never seen this pair ever I don’t I mean I don’t even know anybody beside you that owns it this is just phenomenal men making up ,cheap jordans for sale,I mean this still this silhouette you know looks like the M&M for you know that everybody much anybody know went went crazy over yeah and not only do you have the blue suede for yeah the new car and the twos yes it’s nuts man appreciate him in alright so I mean I’ve seen you post pics and I know you got doubles of some of these cases right on you yeah what do you do with the extra pairs you just keep them here or not honestly I’m just using four frames like a bum say this or just sitting here for scent for example I trade them to get these once the importance and I have a whole audience to it yeah got you so you just like y’all are you and Eminem and give me a dustman for a P over here and another sample you do three for one your age exactly god she’s not exactly that’s way you can put it alright so I see the whole Oregon PE set right I mean you got every Jordan that Oregon mate pretty much if that’s crazy now these last two releases yes I feel that Jordan just slacked on these I mean country this right here if you don’t see a duck looks exactly like a wool 12 yes and from this side it looks exactly like a trophy or a gold tongue five whatever their colonies I agree and then you switch it like this now and now it’s an Oregon sample yeah it’s nuts man Jordan branch if you’re listening in we need this quality we need this this is what you need to bring back right here just not this not this this not this let’s do a simple tag on it okay you’re going to do this put a sample tag on it maybe feel special all right so you got all the Oregon Pease I mean you got every Jordan set some people don’t know it but there’s a difference on the threes right we have the done pit crew and then the regular pit crew isn’t going to football up here and then yeah the white pair so with the pit crew it was players and coaches for this one and then all other faculty and staff you know got to unpick crew right gosh you got a football player stereo all right pretty nice not much difference in the quality just pink around a group yeah so what would pit crew there’s no real difference except for it’s the feckin says pit crew on the one yep and then on the other one it’s got the logo right you got blue all right so you got you know every three that Oregon made and then obviously you got the fours in the five but uh not too many people have deduct may enforce no you know this is how many pairs of this did they give to the best I’ve heard about 100 because I thought was more limited but I heard about 100 now so I’ve seen quite a few pairs.

I’m going to feel very hard to find yeah you’re finding you’re not finding it as much,cheap jordans, you’re finding not these are easier to come by for sure anymore that’s crazy yeah and I got both pairs of the fives as well yeah just the football pair this is the basketball player and you wear all your kicks right now what are the most parks for those part where else from this park alright so this black bear right here I mean this was super limited where what is there like 60 pairs of someone – in six pairs half of them are supposed to be for the basketball team you’ll see it number on these ones this pair it’s not number no no we’re on this much yeah and I mean there’s a couple hundred of these clubs around right I’ll – just reharden easily okay I know a handful of people with games and it was more compliments for sure like he said on most of these Oregon shoes they’re going to number the athletes player on the shoes so they can see who’s selling off their pairs but these cannot find another that’s fine all right so besides the Oregon shoes you know you have every one of those you also have every one of the college PE 29 yeah right I mean there’s you know UNC up here holy is you know Marquette up there and I mean I’m looking down and I see Hoya fours yeah I see UNC fours and then obviously the Marquette yeah that’s these are rumored to be released again it’s crazy now how many had it yet used to me all right .

so I see that you have a couple different you know sample sets or collections you know you got the Pantone down here yeah the history of flights over here a rainbow pack you know the 28 days and then you know the legend of summers you know you want to just elaborate on any of these or if you’ve had you know the complete set and where you’re at now yeah I’ll start with the history of fly step they said one to twenty three I don’t like make space obvious picks on my on the room .

so I kept my favorite pairs I was setting out three is four is five sixes in the letters those are my favorite numbers that you can so I kept those ones those like favorites kept those and then you just got rid of all the rest of it your mom sold them or traded on it to get to get more shoes than I wanted to actually wanted to keep then I got the twenty-eight days of flight set it’s my favorite I have to say because there’s something about the colorway it’s just speaks to me I love it absolutely,Wholesale Jordan 11, I mean you have most of them yeah I got a good majority ever so you have the ones the twos – three – four – five – six is seven nine twelve twelve thirteen twenty-two and twenty-three twenty-two and twenty-three anybody if you had any of those missing pieces hit my boy out he will take them over this particular um alright so huh you had the whole rainbow set but I only see after the most part had three pairs here right I kept the ones on one out of time I needed some money if I sold shoes I bought back the ones I really wanted I hate threes fours and sixes I would love to get back the eleven for one pair and I still I regret this day like I really want this back you know right let’s talk about it I’ll treasure and I wish I could get back but maybe one day I’ll get them to those.

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